CARRYGYM® Exercising for Disability Students

John Demor uses CarryGym to help his disability students in their physical education program.

John Demor was teacher of the year 2014 and has been working for 16 years with disability children at 17 schools. For several years John had been looking for an exercise system or equipment that he could carry with him to each of the different schools that visits. John has been teaching Adaptive Physical education in the Jurupa Unified School District of California for 16 years and is so grateful for Ed Wolan’s CARRYGYM.

CarryGym training with disability students

John says that…

“All of my students are disabled and need something more in their physical education programs other than skills and games. It’s easy to carry from school to school and has become an added part to my student’s physical education program.”
Ed Wolan spent a few days with John earlier this year demonstrating how best to use the CarryGym with his disabled students. Ed went through all of the different exercises that would be suitable for anyone who is wheelchair bound. Ed left John with a sheet of photos that illustrate the exercise routines and his students were pleased to see how others use the CarryGym to strengthen their arms, chest and back.

John Demor’s letter of thanks to Ed Wolan