About Ed Wolan

During and after college, strength training became a part of my life. It ultimately led me to the man who revolutionized exercise machines, Arthur Jones, the inventor of NAUTILUS equipment, and Dr Ellington Darden, head of research at NAUTILUS. These two gurus of the fitness industry changed my life. My friend Gary Stempien, and I opened the first complete NAUTILUS facility in Michigan in the mid 70s where we trained thousands of people, including professional athletes.

All of this experience and knowledge is the prelude to this God-given inspiration to invent CARRYGYM. Over the last couple of years of research, experiments and “tweaking”, I am now ready to market CARRYGYM, a 14 lb revolutionary fitness machine to the public. I can proudly and honestly say that CARRYGYM is a truly unique, great fitness machine.

Lightweight , simple to use, portable, over 30 exercises