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CARRYGYM® – Shaping the Future of Exercise


  • Is a Multi-Exercise Machine

  • Produces Outstanding sStrength

  • Is Portable and Easy to Set Up

  • Workout Where You Want, When You Want

CARRYGYM is for EVERYONE – Able and Disabled

  1. John Demor, Adapted Physical Education Specialist Reply

    “Thanks for the creation of CARRYGYM. Finally, a universal piece of exercise equipment for everyone and without exception EVERYONE.”

  2. Rafe Hunter Reply

    I think it really works – it doesn’t seem like much but it actually works when you do it right. I get as good a work out as I do when I go to the gym.

  3. Perry Smith, High School Student Reply

    It is a portable versatile piece of equipment that is as good as, if not better, than a whole room full of equipment.

  4. Julia Chevin Reply

    I much prefer working out at home using the CarryGym the lighter bands are just perfect for me and give me a really nice workout.

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