Wheelchair Exercises Using a CARRYGYM

CARRYGYM exercises for wheelchair users of all ages and abilities.

CARRYGYM has been designed and developed as an exercise machine for EVERYONE.

The upper body exercises that are possible to perform while in a wheelchair help to strengthen the chest, upper back, lower back, neck, torso and arms.

Exercise is especially important for wheelchair users as it tones your muscles and improves your overall health. CARRYGYM wheelchair exercises will increase your flexibility, mobility, body awareness and muscle strength.

A suitable work out plan should include a warm up and stretches both before and after doing your CARRYGYM exercises. The series of strength exercises that you can perform using a Carrygym are:

Incline Chest Flies – Incline Chest Press – Forward Deltoid Raises – Lower Back Extensions

Upright Rows – Torso Twist – Triceps Extension – Biceps Curl and Much More!

John Demor has been using a CARRYGYM to give his disability students a better workout for some time now – You can read how integrates the CARRYGYM into his physical education program here.

Ed Wolan demonstrating Wheelchair Exercises using a CARRYGYM:

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