“Thanks for the creation of CARRYGYM. Finally, a universal piece of exercise equipment for everyone and without exception EVERYONE.” – John Demor, Adapted Physical Education Specialist

Why CarryGym?

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CarryGym weighs 13 pounds but feels like a room FULL of gym machines! Each resistance tube is a different strength, starting out from very easy to very heavy. After that you can grab two or even three tubes in each hand to create an endless combination of resistance!

Why is Carrygym the most effective home exercise machine? There is a lot of portable gym equipment on the market today. What makes Carrygym so distinctive? BIG DIFFERENCE! Carrygym weighs only 13 lbs., yet, it is similar to having a room full of gym machines. Why is Carrygym the best portable gym system for a full body workout? The level of resistance of Carrygym goes from very light to very heavy, by incorporating different combinations of tubes so that each individual can control their own resistance. The resistance tubes on this equipment create the same feeling as if you are using weights from dumbbells or weight stacks. The difference is that all the weight resistance you need for a workout is right at your fingertips when doing a workout with Carrygym.

There is no need to stop and grab a lighter or heavier dumbbell or add weights, as the different resistance is all attached to Carrygym. The number of exercises and types of movements with the portable exercise equipment , Carrygym is unlimited. Even the strongest person will be challenged. Muscles don’t care how expensive fitness equipment is, as long as the equipment is pushing you to get results. The size of Carrygym is 1′ x 2′, and it folds out to 2′ x 3′. Consider how much room space most gyms take up, in addition to some of the equipment having to be professionally installed. CarryGym is the best portable gym equipment, its a portable home gym and the best home gym for limited space

Why Carry Gym ?
Easy portability
Multiple stretch bands for light to heavy resistance
Inexpensive compared to heavy metal equipment
Overall voted “best home gym 2022”

Why is Carrygym the most versatile home gym equipment? The portability of Carrygym is unique, in that one can work out with convenience, privacy, and safety in your home or office, or even outdoors. Carrygym is the smallest, lightest, yet heavy-duty gym on the market. Its resistance tubes are top of the line, referred to as “dipped” resistance tubes, meaning they are double layered for extra strength and safety. Almost all other tubes are single layer tubes. No other portable machine can do so many different exercises that really feel like commercial gym equipment, barbells, or dumbbells.

You will never have to clip and unclip again. You don’t even need handles. Carrygym tubes fit in the palm of your hands. You don’t have to grip it either. The techniques in exercise are very important in achieving maximum results. Every inch of every repetition should be done in a slow, controlled movement. The object is to reach momentary muscular failure, meaning that as hard as you try, you cannot do another rep. Therefore, performing 10-12 reps without stopping and resting is a must. Control should be slow contracting with slower return, then immediately start slow again.

Carrygym is the best portable gym system for a full body workout of the following: bicep/tricep, lateral deltoid raises, shoulder press, forward deltoid raises, upright rows, lat pulls, chest flys, chest press, torso twists, abs, low back, upper back, shoulder shrugs, squats, and many, many more. With Carrygym, all of these exercises can be performed in a very small space, without having to load and unload barbells to get the right resistance. In the very near future,

Carrygym will be making free videos for you to follow through with these different workouts.

With Carrygym, there is no fee membership/subscription, no costly video screens, no room filled with expensive equipment, no installation, etc. You can do incredible workouts at your leisure, by following the Carrygym video on your computer, laptop, tablet, phone, or YouTube. Because of its “free movement,” the possibilities of doing different movements and different exercises are endless!!

This is a brief intro about me, ED Wolan, the inventor of Carrygym. I have had a very long history and experience in the fitness industry. I am a former All-State swimming diver, champion karate and instructor, owner of many health gyms in Michigan, and also Florida. My fitness experience really started in the 70s, when I was personally trained by Arthur Jones, inventor of the revolutionary Nautilus machines, and also Dr. Ellington Darden, head of research at Nautilus. After my training with these two fitness gurus, I went back to my hometown in Michigan and opened the first Nautilus gym, thereby training men and women, students, bodybuilders, athletes, as well as professional athletes. From my journey over the many years with the love of the fitness industry, this led me to the development and invention of Carrygym. One of my proudest accomplishments of Carrygym is the invention of the wheelchair/chair model, which can be used as a workout machine for anyone in wheelchairs (*description below). Some of the schools in California are using Carrygym in their adapted physical education classes.

Why is Carrygym the best home gym to buy? First, let’s talk about price. Some of the equipment out there isn’t even worth mentioning. They are either too limited in movements, not enough resistance, or you have to move according to how it is made, or in other words GIMMICKY. The average cost of a home gym is around $2,000, but you can spend as little as $300 or as much as $15,000 and more!! Don’t be fooled. Carrygym looks easy, yet it really kicks butt!! No machine so small can do as much! Carrygym can even push a bodybuilder to maximum effort and muscular exhaustion.

$299 on Sale Now! plus shipping buys you the best gym for your money!!

*Also, there is a Carrygym Wheelchair/chair model. All that is required is you push the wheelchair onto the mat that holds Carrygym down on the floor, and you can perform many different exercises and strength levels….simple – no strenuous setup required.

So, let’s get motivated, get your body moving with Carrygym, get a sweat going, get strong, get in shape while watching your favorite TV program, or watch yourself working out in front of your mirror. Bring your family and friends over – let’s help each other through a workout and get fit. With Carrygym, there is no need to spend money by driving to the gym, waiting for a machine to become available, etc. Working out with Carrygym can be fun, time effective, and productive. You will have a better mindset of yourself, feel better, and hopefully be in the best shape of your life!